Econergy empowers our partners to control their energy future

We help our partners transition to 100% renewable energy

No upfront costs

There are no costs to join the program, nor fees once you join, nor investment required for assets. Econergy takes care of it all.

Unlock savings

You can save on your electric bill by transitioning to renewable energy with Econergy.

Getting started is fast and simple

Simply send us last month’s utility bills to join an existing energy coalition, or we can help you create a new coalition.

How it works

We build energy coalitions that unlock access to renewable energy savings

Join an existing energy coalition

See our complete list of existing energy coalitions, and get started today.

Create a new energy coalition

Econergy makes it easy by helping you with our easy set up process.


We are extremely proud of this new initiative and hope that it serves and saves Illinois districts for many years to come.”
–Dr Brent Clark
Illinois Association of School Administrators Executive Director
Since 2018, Econergy has been working with the Future Green Energy Consortium, a not-for-profit initiative of the Illinois Association of School Administrators, the Illinois Association of School Boards, and the Illinois Association of School Business Officials.

be a part of the climate solution

average gigatons of co2 equivalent
that can be reduced by distributed solar over the next 30 years
billion people on average
taking a flight from Denver to New York, round-trip

our customers

Governments can join or form an energy coalition to save valuable public resources and stabilize budgets.
Nonprofits can start empower their members to move forward toward clean energy with maximum economic benefits.
Trade Associations
We make it easy to offer a value-add service to your members that is distrinct from events, advertising and membership dues.

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