About Us

Econergy LLC is a program management and renewable energy development company serving tax-exempt organizations. Our purpose is to empower membership organizations in operating an energy purchasing consortium which leads to a member-controlled energy future and savings. We also give members the path to renewable energy to maximize those savings. We customize the offerings for each potential member to meet them where they are, and take them where they want to go.  

Program Management

Econergy will develop and manage a renewable energy purchasing consortium using our proven model to generate savings for members on their electricity usage. Econergy works closely with you each step of the way to do the following:

  • Design and implement a governing structure for the program.
  • Structure the management conditions for potential energy supply partners.
  • Develop communication instruments and ongoing member education programs. 
  • Expand your in-house marketing team to increase membership.


We provide several renewable energy offerings for organizations wanting to capture the long-term economic advantages of these rapidly growing markets.

Econergy takes a three-step, comprehensive approach to optimize the membership benefits with renewable energy. This innovative model is the best way to leverage the collective buying power of the membership and take a modern approach to energy. 

  • First, the supplier is selected based on their willingness to abide by the program structure and provide the most competitive initial price. This is a ramp into the consortium for all new members. 
  • Secondly, we utilize the economies of scale created by the aggregated load to develop large scale renewable energy systems that can lock in additional savings for members at prices below where they are now. This also lets them fix their budgets, eliminate volatility, and ensure against price increases in the future on their energy supply. 
  • Third, all members are able to get their sites evaluated for on-site generation. This can create the most savings of any program and creates the most long-term value for the members. 

Econergy is also pushing the envelope with emerging programs. In the coming year, we will have program offerings in Transportation Fleet Electrification, Energy Efficiency, Resiliency, and Energy Storage.

All of this is done at no risk or cost to our partners. We structure the consortium so our partners stay in complete control of their energy future, but without the time and resources needed to operate one. We offer complete transparency at every step of the process.  

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