We help organizations collaborate on a renewable energy program that enables shared savings

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old brokerage model

Brokers don’t have incentive alignment with their users.
Their revenue model is simply markup based.

energy provider

Brokers buy and sell grid power to get a price they can market to consumers.


Brokers normally lock in a price on a specific date, despite changing market conditions.


They don't optimize your costs, do not give you optimized options on renewable energy, and savings do not trickle down to you.

econergy’s model

We faciliate the development of renewable assets that save money for our partners and their members.

energy coalition

Partner owns the energy program for its members.
Economies of scale
Manages the program and develops renewable energy assets.

on-site energy generation

Econergy puts control in the hands of each organization by facilitating the development of energy assets.
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off-site energy generation

Large-scale energy generation allows partners to leverage economies of scales to unlock savings not previously available to them.

coalition benefits

No upfront investment

Our business model is focused on investing in and developing assets to service our partners.

Member use incentive

Econergy can create a royalty program for organizations interested in a coalition.

No costs to maintain

This is an 100% opt-in program for members. Your organization owns the coalition.


Step 1

Establish a coalition or join an existing one

Join an existing coalition

Join an existing coalition

See our complete list of existing energy coalitions, and get started today.

Start a coalition

Start a coalition

Econergy makes it easy by helping you with our easy set up process.

Step 2

Econergy develops renewable energy assets


On-site assets

Whether on the ground or on the roof, Econergy will assess the best options for any interested member.

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Off-site assets

Coalitions empower members to take advantage of the benefits of utility scale developments. This is part of our longer-term energy management process.

Step 3

We improve your organization’s energy efficiency

Fleet Electrification

Electrification as a service – invest in the future of mobility.

Carbon Offsets

Become carbon neutral by offsetting your group’s operations.

Energy Efficiency

Upgrades and options to lower your energy consumption and increase value.

Energy Storage

Augment your renewable energy benefits with storage options.

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